Contribute Data

The NSF Antarctic Research Program requires for each award that

  1. the lead investigator registers the award/project with the USAP Data Coordination Center (USAP-DC);
  2. metadata files, full data sets, and derived data products, must be deposited in a long-lived and publicly accessible archive.

Use this web form to submit a project metadata record for an NSF award or a series of collaborative awards. USAP-DC will create a project page and links to datasets at USAP-DC or other repository.

USAP-DC will also use this information to prepare and submit an entry (DIF record) to the Antarctic Metadata Directory (AMD).

Note: Contact us if you have question.

Before submitting to USAP-DC check if another disciplinary repository would be more appropriate, e.g. those in this list.

Use this web form to submit a dataset. USAP-DC accepts data submissions for any Antarctic datasets and provides repository services, including data publication in the DOI® system and long-term archiving.

Note: Contact us if you have question.

What Happens After Submission:

Your submission will be reviewed by our curators who will contact you if questions arise. This process might take up to several business days. Submissions to AMD are verified by their staff and it takes usually several business days until a record goes live.