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NSF-NERC: PROcesses, drivers, Predictions: Modeling the response of Thwaites Glacier over the next Century using Ice/Ocean Coupled Models (PROPHET)

2022-12-20 Morlighem, Mathieu; Das, Indrani
Sliding-Law Parameter and Airborne Radar-Derived Basal Reflectivity Data Underneath Thwaites Glacier, Antarctica
Subglacial Lakes and the Onset of Ice Streaming: Recovery Lakes

2013-04-02 Bell, Robin; Studinger, Michael S.
Data portal at Lamont for airborne data
PI website
Detection of Crystal Orientation Fabrics near the Ross/Amundsen Sea Ice-flow Divide and at the Siple Dome Ice Core Site using Polarimetric Radar Methods

2011-08-29 Matsuoka, Kenichi; Power, Donovan; Fujita, Shuji; Raymond, Charles; Rasmussen, Al
GPS-Measured Ice Velocities and Strain Data from the Ross and Amundsen Sea Ice Flow Divide, West Antarctica
Polarimetric Radar Data from the Ross and Amundsen Sea Ice Flow Divide, West Antarctica
Microearthquake Monitoring of Ice Stream C, West Antarctica: A Sensor for Sticky Spots

2001-12-01 Anandakrishnan, Sridhar
Ice Velocity Data from Ice Stream C, West Antarctica