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Project Title/Abstract/Map NSF Award(s) Date Created PIs / Scientists Dataset Links and Repositories
EAGER: Single-Molecule DNA Sequencing of Antarctic Paleolakes

2020-09-01 Johnson, Sarah
GenBank Sequence Read Archive with accession numbers SRR8217969 - SRR8217976 and project accession PRJNA506221
NCBI GenBank
Evolution of Oxygenic Photosynthesis as Preserved in Melainabacterial Genomes from Lake Vanda, Antarctica

2020-06-22 Sumner, Dawn; Eisen, Jonathan; Tazi, Loubna
JAAXLU000000000, JAAXLT000000000
NCBI GenBank
GP0191362, Gp0191371
IMG Gold
COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Remote Characterization of Microbial Mats in Taylor Valley, Antarctica, through In Situ Sampling and Spectral Validation

2019-07-03 Salvatore, Mark; Barrett, John; Sokol, Eric
McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER: Microbial mat biomass and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) values from Lake Fryxell Basin, Antarctica, January 2018