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Dataset Title/Abstract/Map NSF Award(s) Date Created PIs / Scientists Project Links
Deuterium isotopic composition of atmospheric methane across Dansgaard Oesgher Event 8, Talos Dome Ice Core, Antarctica

None 2024-07-23 Riddell-Young, Benjamin; Iseli, Rene; Lee, James; Brook, Edward; Schmitt, Jochen; Fischer, Hubertus; Bauska, Thomas; Menking, James; Clark, Reid No project link provided
VSMOW-SLAP d170, d180, and 17O-excess data from WAIS Divide Ice Core Project, Siple Dome and Taylor Dome

None 2023-10-13 Steig, Eric J.; Schoenemann, Spruce No project link provided
17O excess from WAIS Divide, 0 to 25 ka BP

2020-12-22 Steig, Eric J.; Schoenemann, Spruce Collaborative Research: Stable Isotopes of Ice in the Transition and Glacial Sections of the WAIS Divide Deep Ice Core
Mount Moulton Isotopes and Other Ice Core Data

2015-11-24 Steig, Eric J.; White, James; Popp, Trevor Collaborative Research: Refining a 500-kry Climate Record From the Moulton Blue Ice Field in West Antarctica
Talos Dome Ice Core Deuterium Isotope Data

None 2004-08-27 Jouzel, Jean; Stenni, Barbara No project link provided