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Dataset Title/Abstract/Map NSF Award(s) Date Created PIs / Scientists Project Links
Oxygen and hydrogen isotope compositions of ice from ALHIC1903 drilled at the Allan Hills Blue Ice Area.

2023-10-26 Carter, Austin Collaborative Research: Peripheral East Antarctic ice as a unique recorder of climate variability during the Last Interglacial
Mid-Holocene high-resolution water isotope time series for the WAIS Divide ice core

2020-05-26 Morris, Valerie; Jones, Tyler R.; Vaughn, Bruce; White, James Collaborative Research: Targeted resampling of deep polar ice cores using information theory
Stable water isotope data for the surface samples collected at the Allan Hills Blue ice area

2018-10-17 Kurbatov, Andrei V.; Mayewski, Paul A.; Introne, Douglas; Yan, Yuzhen Collaborative Research: Window into the World with 40,000-year Glacial Cycles from Climate Records in Million Year-old Ice from the Allan Hills Blue Ice Area
Temperature Reconstruction at the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide

2017-01-12 Cuffey, Kurt M. Collaborative Research: Physical Properties of the WAIS Divide Deep Core
Methane Isotopes in South Pole Firn Air, 2008

2011-01-01 Sowers, Todd A. Collaborative Research: Methane Isotopes, Hydrocarbons, and other Trace Gases in South Pole Firn Air
US ITASE Stable Isotope Data, Antarctica

2009-10-01 Steig, Eric J. Stable Isotope Studies at West Antarctic ITASE Sites
Stable Isotopes of Ice on the Surface of Taylor Glacier, Antarctica

2007-11-28 Cuffey, Kurt M.; Bliss, Andrew; Kavanaugh, Jeffrey; Aciego, Sarah Collaborative Research: Dynamics and Climatic Response of the Taylor Glacier System
Talos Dome Ice Core Deuterium Isotope Data

None 2004-08-27 Jouzel, Jean; Stenni, Barbara No project link provided
European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica (EPICA) Dome C Ice Core Data

None 2004-08-26 Wolff, Eric W.; Monnin, Eric; Fluckiger, Jacqueline No project link provided
Siple Dome Highlights: Stable isotopes

None 2003-08-18 Steig, Eric J.; White, James No project link provided
Taylor Dome Ice Core Data

None 2003-08-18 Steig, Eric J.; White, James No project link provided